Maintaining Good Health with Qigong

Life exposes us to stress and illness on a daily basis. With Qigong we can be better prepared to face those challenges and maintain our own health.
Upright Qi is the Qi in the body that enables it to keep functioning properly, enabling us to deal with potential and actual illness. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the increase in the bodies temperature during illness is said to be due to the battle between upright Qi and the pathogenic Qi of the illness.
In the case of a serious illness the prognosis is largely determined by the strength of the patient’s upright Qi. Strong upright Qi can enable recovery from even the most serious illness. On the other hand, if the upright Qi is weak, a slight illness can lead to complications and even death.
Qi Gong practise can support the upright Qi in two ways:
·      By supporting healthy strong function of the organs and body systems to ensure plentiful and vigorous upright Qi.
·      By clearing the blockages and stagnation in the body and mind that allow a disease to invade and take hold.
The first of these can be particularly important for those undergoing conventional medical treatments, which may focus on the removal of the disease but at the expense of the patient’s upright Qi. Qigong can be used as part of a programme to maintain or regain vitality both during and after conventional treatment.
Qigong exercises help develop greater sensitivity and body awareness, challenging the body on a physical and emotional level. With practise a simple Qigong exercise can not only improve health but initiate the healing process within the body.
There are lots of exercise sets that help develop and strengthen all of the fundamental elements of Qigong. Wu Qin Xi, Healing Sounds, Da Shan, Iron body, Wild Goose Dayan, Ba Duan Jin and Dao Yin to mention but a few. Within each of these systems are the keys to unlocking and developing your Qigong potential to greater improve your health. The process will at times be challenging but ultimately it should be fun and rewarding. Knowing where to begin or how to further develop may seem daunting but the answer may be right in front of you.

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