Qigong for a reason – Love your body

Feelings of self loathing are growing among society. Fuelled by an image obsessed media the identity of people is under attack and as a result they are becoming disconnected from themselves. Such disconnection leads to ill health on many levels.

The idea of loving ourselves sounds a little whacky, but unless we are able to love ourselves we will never be happy. When we’re happy the world will change for the better.

To love, we need to connect, to connect we need to trust, to trust we need to know, to know we need to experience, to experience we need to start, to start we need to connect.

Connection, like all first steps can be the hardest, but once connected you can start to explore and discover, examine and admire, remove obstacles and misconceptions, talk, shout or be silent, move or be still it’s is all part of your process and is therefore dependant on you.

Qigong provides a framework for discovering and sustaining a connection with yourself. Through easily accessible exercises we connect with our body, mind and spirit. Learning to connect and interact honestly with ourselves through movement enables us to self connect on a deeper level.

It is becoming harder and harder to establish positive links with ourselves this has a knock on affect to society. There are a lot of people working to create a better society, often at a cost to themselves emotionally and physically. Self connection and grounding are challenging when caught up in our own day to day context and that of others. Qigong helps establish a physical connection which opens pathways to the emotions.

It is difficult to break a cycle of any kind, replacing disconnection with a positive connection takes time, but once a connection has been made the aim is to sustain it and make it your norm.

Seminars give us a unique opportunity to have time to ourselves within a relaxed, supportive environment. They are the first step, difficult to make but worthwhile once taken and helping you on a journey of self discovery.

Once you love yourself you can really love life.


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