The Art of Giving

As a ‘giver’ of time, energy, knowledge and or advice you are by default a healer. For some this is a momentary exchange dependant on a myriad of factors for others, professionals, it is a daily occurrence. Whether a councillor, masseur, osteopath, acupuncturist, nurse, GP, teacher or any other form of ‘giver’ the biggest challenge you face is maintaining, sustaining, and where possible strengthening your own energy levels.

It is fairly safe to say that if you keep giving without any thought to maintaining your own health ultimately you will find yourself unable to give anymore. This is a shame on so many levels and helps establish a good argument for why you should be prepared to make time for yourself as well as others.

At the heart of energy work lies integrity. How you wish to practise is of course your decision but owning your approach to healing and life is a key part of healthy energy flow.

Peoples reasons for becoming healers are varied. Whether you view your role as a conduit or facilitator or interpret the word energy from a Western or Eastern perspective for your work to be good you need to be healthy.

If you do not make time for yourself your health will be affected. Liberating the energy of your clients is not really the way the exchange is supposed to work and it affects you as negatively as it does your client.

Society is becoming more and more disconnected, losing the connection with our own bodies and our health has a clear ripple affect. When your health fails the effects are far reaching, like with all energy work it starts with us and works it’s way outwards. I am not saying that as a healer you should always be healthy, it would be nice to think that were possible but I am inclined to think of the people I have heard make that claim in the past. I can say with some certainty that 90% are misguided whilst the other 10% are lying.

Practising qigong, tai chi or any other health art does not preclude you from the normal rules of life. All practise takes place within our own, ever changing, context. Some days we feel good, others less so, that’s life! Our reasons for practising are our own. My primary reason is to make me a good husband and parent.

If we do not practice what we preach we lack integrity in our actions, this is seen most clearly by those closest to us.      Your support network of loved ones, are the first ones to be affected by your poor health, mood swings and frustrations, and more deeply concerning the first ones to start to feel cynical about energy work.

As a healer you have something; the x factor of health giving, but with this comes responsibility. You don’t have to accept the responsibility but your past, present and future will reflect that decision. Like with all things in life if you take advantage of something for too long ultimately it will bite you in the ass. Ironically it is the more guru type teachers who talk about the universe and our connection to it that fail to grasp this.

Practising Qigong is a selfish exercise that enables you to be selfless with your Qi.

Practising Qigong is a selfish exercise that enables you to be selfless with the Qi you were born with, as well as with the Qi you have nurtured, developed and nourished. To be truly selfless you need to set time aside to be truly selfish.

Selflessness and selfishness are powerful ‘nesses’. If being a good person lies at the heart of your approach to life a balanced approach is required. We should not be extravagant or over indulgent with our Qigong, either ness can leave you unrooted, lost and alone, one feeding the other in a powerful ego driven cycle.

We can all change our approach, if we want to. Whilst it is a subject for another blog, at the heart of change lies you, your desires and motivation.

Your life and Qigong should enjoyable, that is not to say we should avoid the challenges presented but that ultimately the feeling we associate with our life should be one of contentment, happiness, joy and love. Good, empowering qigong is one way of helping achieve this.


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