The Moving in Meditation

Everything is moving, without movement we cease to exist. Our internal systems and external context are constantly changing. For us to maintain and enhance our health we are constantly seeking regulation, both consciously and subconsciously.

Some conscious regulation is harder than others, from grabbing a coat, to drinking water, to exercising, or reading a book our regulatory needs are varied and constant.  A healthy body naturally regulates our circulation, breathing, organ function etc but we all fall short from time to time as illness forces us to take stock, rest, rejuvenate and regulate our body function.

The ideas that underpin Moving Meditation engage the body and mind as a whole.

Encouraging internal and external movement from the subtle to the gross to help discover and encourage a framework for us to better understand and feel how to develop, sustain and manage our health and happiness.  

Anything that is done for the sake of it lacks substance, in day to day life, work, Meditative or Tai Chi practices forms for the sake of forms, exercises for the sake of exercise create an empty existence. Moving meditation is an understanding of substance and essence that should filter into all aspects of life. Positively engaged, happy and moving. 

On Saturday we will be looking and feeling what helps our body and mind to function happily. Come and join us for a seminar on Moving Meditation from 10 am. For details visit or drop me an email


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