Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

My next seminar is looking at the Yang Style Short Form (the easy one) and Bone Marrow Qi Gong, so I thought it would be a good time to ask

What represents Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan?

  • Longevity
  • A full grasp of all the martial and health aspects of the art
  • Ability to tackle multiple adversaries
  • Walking on Water
  • A healthy body and mind
  • Good energy flow and levels
  • Feeling connected for 24 moves, all Tai Chi moves, ever.
  • Being better than Bruce Lee
  • Time to myself…..
  • Being alive and happy

Advancement in any martial art is about developing a fuller feeling for the art and life. This may in part be facilitated by a greater academic knowledge but the foundation is in feel and practice. There will always be discussions within Tai Chi and Martial Art circles as to the real merits of Tai Chi. The key component is you, your understanding and what you are looking for from your art. What is right at one time of your life, measured daily, weekly, monthly or yearly will not always be what you need to develop on a physical or spiritual level. The dichotomy of Tai Chi is comprehensive. As your life evolves so will your practice.

There will be times when you tick some philosophical boxes for development:

Fully committing whilst remaining grounded

There will be times of confusion…

Engaging with an open mind

There will be times of confusion…

Engaging with a directed mind

There will be times of confusion…

Not engaging

There will be times of confusion…

Feeling for full movement and expression

There will be times of confusion…

Feeling for the softening and connection with expression and contraction

There will be times of confusion…

Remembering without clarity in Xin and Yi there is nothing to move the Qi.

For it to be empty it must first be filled, for it to be free it will require guidance, to accept guidance requires trust, to trust you need to be open, to be open you need to know how to whack someone who betrays that openness (hence the need for the health and martial element of Tai Chi!)

There will be times of confusion…

From all of this confusion will come clarity… I think! Culminating in a healthy, balanced (of course advanced) understanding of Tai Chi and how best to live your life.

What I love about my martial arts is that they evolve with me, my life, my understanding, how much I train, how little I train and how often my kids provide me with creative challenges, and how I overcome them….or not as the case may be. It’s all a measure of progress and advancement, what seems advanced now won’t in a while. It’s a wonderful thing but sometimes it makes teaching a real challenge, I rest assured that all students take what they need at the time and in so doing give back to the world.

Many Tai Chi practitioners are often too harsh on themselves, (Tai Chi teachers less so). Lets take a moment to positively reframe the whole passionate but balanced outlook – practice a bit, feel for it, think a bit, have a brew, practice and feel some more and think a little less whilst advancing gently into happier times.

My next seminar is looking at Bone Marrow Qi Gong as well as Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Step, they compliment each other beautifully and you’ll be pleased to know Bone Marrow Qi Gong is a lot easier to grasp than that Tai Chi business! 🙂


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