If not now then when? All in good time :)

The root of most illness lies with us, we have the ability to address the underlying cause of our problems, to make decisions to empower ourselves if we so wish.

This is by no means easy, there are lots of reasons why addressing anything to do with ourselves is difficult. The main obstacle being ourselves and that strange feeling that overcomes us when we start to relax, think and give ourselves the freedom to connect with out innermost feelings. In the first instance the questions we ask ourselves often create more confusion than clarity, but with an open mind it can be an amazing process of self discovery. We just need to lose the fear of the unknown.

I am a believer in the ethos that what is meant to be will be, when I’m ready I will engage. Stimuli for such engagement lie in the strangest places but I happily accept that the way life is. For the most part, I like most, carry on with life content with a general plan and the day to day busyness that life throws at me until it overwhelms me to the point I need to take a bit of time to refresh. I’m a firm believer in engaging with the non-conscious, non logical part of our being, but appreciate that in the short term it can often seem easier to ignore it and to carry on.

Addressing any physical or psychological issue takes time and is not always a tangible process. Sometimes when injured physically I rest, sometimes not, I find it a lot easier to overcome a physical issue than when I feel close to being psychologically broken. When this feeling is present in my life I know I need to rest, my mind keeps my body and everything else together. My psychological and physical existence go hand in hand, you can only ‘dig in’ so many times, pushing that extra mile can be like going a bridge too far. Context, relevance and the bigger picture are all key in making any decision that is right for you.

Seminars are good because they enable you to take a time out, if for nothing more than yourself. You may rest, relax, rejuvenate, learn something new, meet new people or just have a new experience. Everybody takes something different from a seminar or teaching and sharing interaction of any kind.

All I do as a person and a teacher is look for ways for me to better connect with my body and mind thus enriching my health, sustainability and life decision making processes. The Chinese Health Arts have some really powerful tools to help achieve such a basic but complex goal, Qi Gong Tai Chi and meditation provide a wonderfully powerful tool for self engagement and development if given the chance.

I am a believer in doing things you enjoy a walk, bike ride, dance or song are all good ways of connecting with yourself on a deeper level. I love the balance that the physicality of Judo provides in my life but relish the chance to focus on the simple things from time to time; breathing, me and my surroundings.

Most of us have reflected that we’ll do x or y or make changes and never did. That’s life, all in good time, but it’s worth remembering that the power for change lies with you. I read this quote today and thought it apt for so many things.

“There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.” – Charles D. Gill

From this point we should all move on. 


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