Reluctance in one part of your life will often reflect issues in other areas. It is the people who would benefit from meditation and Qi Gong that find themselves repulsing it.

There is a fine line between love and hate, yin and yang. Sometimes the effort it takes to repulse health and change is what pushes us over the edge to physical or psychological breakdown. For some it is breakdown that forces the change, but surely it makes more sense to embrace a positive change without flicking the self destruct button and causing the body immeasurable distress.

We all have things that ordinarily we would never consider doing but if the opportunity presents itself it seems a shame not to give it a go. A belief that something does not work, or will make you look silly may seem relevant but there is nothing lost in making your outlook a little more informed. We all realise pretty quickly that the considerations of others tend not to venture too far from themselves in such matters.

The beauty of a relaxed guided meditation is the creation of space and opportunity, the chance for you to connect with your body and open your mind on a deeper level or through different means. Positive change is not always initiated by something tangible, it is funny what can resonate with the body once given a chance.

Our reluctance to embark on something new often reflects our need to control our immediate context. That same need for control can harbour or be be the route of stress or other health conditions in your body and mind. When be become detached from our body it can be difficult for us to accept there is a problem. From the outside looking in it can be more apparent, but ultimately only you can make the decision.

It might not be the meditation that makes the difference but the fact you were open to change and took that step into the unknown, opening the mind and body to something new. 


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