Why the rush?

All in good time. We all seem to be in a rush to impress or impress upon others. Forgetting it is not the destination but the journey that is important.

Provide a framework for development built on support, trust and confidence building. Providing an environment for experimentation where actions and consequences can be explored in a positive manner. Overcoming challenges, embracing solutions and providing a context where there is no such thing as failure; just steps to a greater understanding of self and the world around us.

Such a foundation will create happy, confident and resilient individuals who when the time comes will be able to deal with most things thrown at them and when those things seem a little overwhelming they’ll find a solution that helps everyone.

This approach applies to adults, children, babies and animals. From CEO’s to Prefects, nappy wearers and Crufts winners, all of whom at some point realise shitting in the toilet is preferable to shitting on the rug.   

We’ll all get there. When we’re dead others can speculate, in the mean time let’s make it enjoyable. 


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