Meditation, self acceptance, respect for others and a happier world.

Acceptance of self leads to acceptance in general, a softening of your personal barriers, judgements and prejudices. If we are open, we can connect with and accept ourselves for who we are, what we feel and how best to live our lives.

From a place of acceptance we access gateways to a happier place, where we appreciate ourselves and are accepting of others. Cutting through the nature nurture debates, the class distinctions, social conditioning, gender stereotyping, self loathing, obsessing, adoring, informed and uninformed judging of others, the need to put yourself; feelings, opinions and prejudices before all else.

With meditation we can develop discipline to aid our health and energy to establish a calm centre. Clarity can be gained not only in a spiritual sense but in a logical rational sense, an ability to listen and absorb without judgement. It is not to say we don’t  experience confusion but that extreme emotions do not dominate our person. Remaining open to but not being unbalanced by the ‘Many Minds’, asking questions of ourselves, challenging our options, decisions and life choices instead attacking or avoiding as a form of defence. We can only embrace ourselves by overcoming our fears, judgements and prejudices, learning to trust ourselves and accept what is.

Calmness provides a grounding that removes the need to judge, assume and critique.  Acceptance removes fear of self and others, lowering barriers and defence mechanisms. We are easily and often inspired by the words of others, they light a spark, a feeling deep inside but ‘their’ words maintain our fantasy ensuring action is theirs and not ours. It’s how most of us want all things, as dreams, academic discussions, material possessions, opinions or lifestyles of others for us to judge, resent or worship.

If we are open to accepting the person we are, we become a step closer to accepting others and as such a lot closer to achieving a happier world. 


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