Da Shan

An anchor a guide a welcoming hand a little encouragement a place to start, to go to come from, to stay a while, to take with you, to leave behind.

A place of comfort, strength, adventure and discovery building and consolidating energy facilitating a healing exchange a place to invite others to guide and light a path to take time to remember and consolidate to climb fly sore to see to be. introspective to see into and out off from up high and deep below to ponder exalt and console to build grow shape immerse and become one a sacred open place where minds meet, ideas dance and souls rejoice fear and trepidation released and recycled spirits whisper and sing in strong chorus floating rooted knowledge is felt, learned, trusted and released people are one opinion and conflict collide a world of acceptance and co existence free from and underpinned by society wonder built on solid foundations an escape, realism with profound meaning and honesty trust shrouded in light, mist and cloud, honesty protected by rock waiting to be released with health and strength.

Tall and deep floating gazing high high beyond the realms of foundation and force changing shape position rooting, guiding, leading, directing listening absorbing rejecting roaring playing feeding empty light full

With a frog for company I ponder, breathing, becoming the void.

mine me you yours. It is.  


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