The logic of foundation.

With knowledge of the fundamentals and a logical application we can build a solid accessible foundation. From this place we can develop key skills, tools and awareness to harness and develop our energy, discipline, intent and health.

Our foundation feeds into our understanding of exercise and the basic fundamental benefits that we can experience from meditation. Enabling practitioners to access a starting point, an anchor for initial study and for some a much needed justification for practice.

A solid foundation helps formulate a direction for progression, building step by step, block by block . Ensuring the ground work is laid for a healthy progression, whilst giving check points to help stabilise and reinforce development.

Simple exercises and datum points are always useful, not only in the initial stages of learning to meditate but also many years down the line. Both comforting and reassuring a practitioner in times of need.

Foundation building blocks and foundation exercises should by no means be considered basic. These skills are the most advanced you will learn, your context, understanding and interpretation will evolve, shaping, informing and facilitating practice for years to come.


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