Positively Refreshing – Qi Gong Daily

A hook, an in, a catch

A connection, point of contact, a reminder

A rhythm for the day

A pace

A datum point

A means to positively and calmly commence the day, a gentle awakening for the body, breath and mind, a gradual call to action

A foundation on which to build

A base to which you can retreat

A place of positive beginnings…starting as you mean to go on calm, happy and centred.

Meditation and Qi Gong have daily practical and health benefits that are easily accessible, if you can spare three minutes sitting on the side of your bed each morning then you have the makings of a all of the above.

Daily practice of simplified Deer, Crane and Turtle exercises followed by a simplified traditional Longevity set such as Li Ching Yuen’s 6 exercises will get your day of to a refreshing start. 


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