Come Quickly

The Language of Martial Arts. Life, Context, Awareness, Translation, Interpretation.

Maintaining Good Health with Qigong

A complete martial system. Why practice Qigong?

Health, Fitness, Happiness. It’s all Qigong!

Qigong for a Reason – Love Your Body.

The Evolving Context of Women’s Self Defence – #Shoutingback

Lineage, A Teachers Responsibility.

To Breathe or to Caffeine?

The Art of Giving

A Thought

I’ll meet you there

You are More Powerful Than You Know 

The Essence Lies in Rei

The Moving in Meditation

Why are Tai Chi and Qi Gong Good for you?

Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

What’s with all the Pretence?

If not now then when? All in good time!


Why the Rush?

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk!

Martial arts should be relevant to real life not ‘the street’

Practice: It’s not easy, if it was we’d all be doing it. 

Meditation, self acceptance, respect for others and a happier world.


Da Shan

The logic of foundation.


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